Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Saturday Thousands Marched In Fort Worth Advocating Legalizing Marijuana

On Saturday Elsie Hotpepper text messaged me telling me I needed to go to a specific Facebook page to view an incredible video of something I did not think ever happened in Fort Worth, Texas.

I always do what I'm told.

And so after doing a Facebook friend request, which was pretty much immediately confirmed, I watched the long version of the video you see below, a screencap of which you see in the photo.

I had no idea this protest was taking place on Saturday, in Fort Worth, and other towns in Texas, let alone that it was a protest in support of the Legalization of Marijuana, also known as the Decriminalization of Cannabis.

The Dallas/Fort Worth protest marches, as I understand it, were organized by an organizational sparkplug named Shaun McAlister, who is the Executive Director of DFW NORML.

If I remember right NORML stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law.

Of all the things I can think of that might get Texans worked up enough to attend a protest march for I would not have guessed Legalizing Marijuana would have been a big draw. But it was.

I would hazard to guess that Saturday's protest march in Fort Worth was the biggest such event ever to take place in this town.

And yet no mention of the march, that I have seen, in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The video below, which shows a small part of Saturday's Fort Worth NORML Protest March, was shot by John Spivey, who emailed it to me this evening from New York City, in yet one more example of the amazing wonders of communication in our modern world...


Steve A said...

Unfortunately, Texas does not trust its people with the right of Initiative or Referendum. :-(

Durango said...

Steve A, prior to moving to Texas I thought Initiatives and Referendums were part of how all democracies operated. I also naively thought that in a democracy you could not have have public funds funding public works projects, using eminent domain to acquire property, without the public having voted to approve the public works project....