Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Bluest Skies You'll Ever See Are In Fort Worth Along With Towering Hoodoos & Flash Floods From Water Pipe Breaks

I was back on the Tandy Hills today for my semi-regularly scheduled Saturday inspection of the Tandy Hills Hoodoo.

As you can see the Hoodoo at Hoodoo Central has grown since you last saw it a couple days ago.

Today would have been a perfect Prairie Fest day, unlike last Saturday's windblown Prairie Fest. The air is being pretty much dead calm today. So, no wind chill happening, which had those 80 something degrees feeling like 80 something degrees.

I grew up hearing that the bluest skies you'll ever see are in Seattle.

And the hills the greenest green.

Well, the hills may be greener in Seattle than my current location, but I really don't think the Seattle sky is bluer than that which is hovering over Fort Worth today, as you can clearly see in the picture of the Hoodoo piercing that bright, blue sky.

After getting my prescription dose of endorphins, attained by doing some high speed hill hiking, Town Talk was the next stop on my schedule.

On the way to Town Talk I came upon one of the strangest things I've seen in awhile. A flood of water was deluging down Scott Avenue, taking a right on to Beach Street, flooding down the freeway entry and north across the freeway overpass, then flooding over the Beach Street bridge over the Trinity River.

What a mess.

How come there are so many burst water pipes in this part of the world? I don't ever remember experiencing such a thing at my old location on the west coast. That being a location where major earthquakes can do some serious ground jiggling.

That was a lot of water being lost today, which really is no big deal, I guess, what with this location on the planet having such a surplus when it comes to water.

Eventually I made it past the flood to find that Town Talk was also flooded. With people.

I found nothing too remarkable today at Town Talk unless one considers cheddar cheese from England which has bits of apricot embedded in the cheese to be remarkable....

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