Thursday, May 15, 2014

Taking A Walk Around My Neighborhood Wondering About The Hazards Of Being Too Close To Chesapeake Energy & Wind Chimes

My Gas Neighbor With the Tandy Tower on Mount Tandy in Background
Due to the fact the heat has left this part of the planet, of late, the return of winter-like chilling makes for a pleasant walk around my neighborhood, thus rendering unnecessary, for now, driving to one of my hiking or biking locations where shade from the HOT sun is available.

I had another reason I wanted to take a walking tour of my neighborhood today.

This morning the annoying irritant which has been burning my eyes had greatly abated. For weeks I have been hearing a loud mechanical motor device running at the Chesapeake Energy gas pad I walk by to get to Albertsons.

I figured if I walked by the Chesapeake Energy gas pad today and that loud mechanical motor device was not making noise that this would be a non-smoking gun pointing to the culprit causing my allergic misery.

Well, the Chesapeake Energy mechanical motor device was being its usual loud self, so, I guess Chesapeake is off the hook, for now, on this particular issue.

On the left you are looking at one of the warning signs Chesapeake installed warning people that there is a gas pipeline underneath them. The warning signs do not mention that the gas pipeline is moving non-odorized natural gas pumped by the loud aforementioned mechanical motor device.

Look at the photo at the top and notice how close this Chesapeake gas pad is to a residential development. This type closeness occurs all over the area where the gas drilling is allowed.

Some towns in the D/FW Metroplex have put a stop to this type industrial activity inside their borders. Having said that the only town that comes to mind is the progressive town of Denton.

Even though residents reside close to my neighborhood Chesapeake gas pad, no agent of Chesapeake made any contact with any of the residents informing them of what was about to happen in their neighborhood. When the fracking part of the operation took place, with its seemingly endless lines of trucks causing dust to coat the area, no explanation was given, no offer of a free car wash was made.

Same thing when the natural gas pipeline installation occurred. No notice was given to residents that they were about to be subjected to incredibly loud noise, with ground vibrations, or that this was to install a non-odorized natural gas pipeline.

I know you reading this in civilized parts of America are sitting there thinking how can this happen? Wondering if the town I live in (Fort Worth) lacks a city government, wondering if the town I live in (Fort Worth) lacks some sort of public health agency.

Well, like I said, I live in Fort Worth and I wonder the same things, in addition to other things I wonder about.

Like why are nerve rattling wind chimes allowed? Wind chimes have long been banned in civilized parts of America and the world. Well, actually, usually the civic ordinance regarding wind chimes is you can only install those nuisances if you are 300 feet from your nearest neighbor....

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