Sunday, May 4, 2014

On The First Sunday Of May Fort Worth's Gateway Park Has Lost Its Brush Pile Mess With New Directional Trail Signs

The past month, or two, after rolling my wheels on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails I have mentioned two things bugging me.

One thing bugging me was big piles of brush blocking the trail.

The other thing bugging me was the lack of directional signage, the lack of which had caused two near head-on collisions since the Saturday before yesterday's Saturday.

I was last on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails on Tuesday. On that day more brush was being cut, more piles were being piled up, and I had the second of the aforementioned near head-on collisions.

So, imagine how pleased I was today to find the piles of brush gone, except for one small pile which was still causing a little trail blockage.

And pleasing me even more than the missing piles of brush was finding direction signage has been stuck in the ground at most of the locations where there are trail junctions and confusion potentials. The signs clearly indicate the correct direction, and where needed, the back of the sign clearly indicates the biker is going the wrong direction.

A lot of trail work had been done since Tuesday, in addition to the adding of directional signage. Much of the trail has had some weed whacking done to the foliage that was starting to encroach on the trail in places.

And the fallen tree roadblock, which had screeched my wheel rolling to a halt on Tuesday, has been totally removed. I could not even tell for sure where the fallen tree obstruction had been.

Good job, Fort Worth Mountain Bike Association....

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