Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday On The Tandy Hills Finding Cauli Flowers With No Hoodoos Plus Mysterious Fort Worth Police Behavior

Today I was back on the Tandy Hills for the first time in weeks. The Tandy Hills wildflowers seem to have gotten a blooming boost from the rains which rained down during May.

All over the hills today I was seeing the white flowers you see in the picture to the left of the trail.

I am dubbing these white wildflowers Cauli Flowers, due to the blooms slight resemblance to the white cruciferous vegetable.

I was looking forward to seeing the latest iteration of the infamous Tandy Hills Hoodoo today.

But, when I got to Hoodoo Central, at the north end of the View Street Trail, I was saddened to find a totally deconstructed Hoodoo laying on the ground where usually a Hoodoo rises vertical to impressive heights.

I saw no other Hoodoos today in locations where Hoodoos previously were located.

A few weeks ago fellow Tandy Hills aficionado, Stenotrophomonas, asked me if I'd seen the new Tandy Hills Shrine which had been growing on the summit of Mount Tandy. At the point in time when Stenotrophomonas asked me about the new shrine, I had not seen it. But, today I saw what I think may be that to which Stenotrophomonas referred.

Is the above a Tandy Hills guerrilla artist's abstract sculptural art? I have no idea.

For months I have been seeing something when I drive to the summit of Mount Tandy which perplexes me, but which I've not mentioned.

Til now.

Adjacent to Mount Tandy is Broadcast Hill. Broadcast Hill was the location of a NBC broadcast operation. Months ago the NBC broadcast operation moved to a new location.  Ever since the Broadcast Hill NBC broadcast operation closed there has been a Fort Worth police car on the property, with a policeman inside the car.

The Fort Worth police car has been spotted parked at various locations behind the security fence which surrounds the site. Any day of the week, including Sunday, that I have driven to the summit of Mount Tandy, ever since the NBC broadcast operation moved, I have seen a Fort Worth police car.

Months ago I saw trucks arriving to pack off material. At that point I thought maybe the Fort Worth police had been hired to oversee the packing off of material.

So, I can not help but wonder why there is a constant presence by the Fort Worth police at this location? Who is paying for this? And why are they paying for this?


Anonymous said...

Broadcast Hill is now city owned property.

NBC deeded the property to the city of Fort Worth after moving out.

Durango said...

Thanks, Anonymous, I did not know Broadcast Hill was now city of Fort Worth property. But, that fact does not explain the constant police presence. I never see a Fort Worth police car parked at other city owned property, such as Gateway Park or Oakland Lake Park.

Stenotrophomonas said...

Yep, that's the shrine. It hasn't changed much over the last several weeks. I guess it's just far enough to be out of the way and just close enough to be visible.

There was a hoodoo Friday afternoon. Not extremely tall but looking very precarious. More likely a victim of the wind than of a mad mormon.

FWPD is taking over the old KXAS building as a place for the detectives to hang out.
Better than some other uses that were floated around, but I suppose that the stop sign at Barnett * Martel will be just as ignored as it was when KXAS types were driving through there.

The story on the building (excuse the awkward URL):,d.aWw,d.aWw