Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today I Found Arlington's Village Creek Log Jam Blocked Off By Crime Scene Type Tape

It has been a few days since I have rolled my bike's wheel, and so early this morning, as in when I was enjoying my early morning swim in a pool whose water felt very warm due to the outer world's air being very cold, as in chilled into the 50s this morning, I thought I'd go on a bike ride today.

However, by the time the middle of the day started to be within eyesight the combo of high winds and that chilly thing I previously mentioned had me deciding it'd be more pleasant to walk than bike.

And so I hauled myself to Arlington, to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, where I had myself a mighty fine time walking with the Indian Ghosts who haunt this location

At the dam/bridge which crosses Village Creek, leading to the Village Creek Blue Bayou, I saw something I'd not seen in this location before.

No, I am not referring to the young lady jogging across the dam/bridge. I am referring to the crime scene type tape strewn across the dam/bridge.

I have seen worse log/litter jams at this location, but those times previous did not warrant being blocked off in this manner.

From whence does all this loggage come I wonder every time this happens? The distance between this dam/bridge and Lake Arlington is not all that great, just a couple miles. I know of no logging operation in the area.

Very perplexing....

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