Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today I Had Some Near Gateway Park Misses Before Learning About The 4th Annual Fort Worth Fat Tire Festival Sunday June 8

Today, after I rolled my wheels for miles on Gateway Park's mountain bike trails, I stopped at the Information Sign at the trailhead because I had detected it had changed when I rolled past it on my way to the trailhead.

One of the new bits of information on the Information Sign informed me as to what happened between last Tuesday and last Sunday which had so greatly improved the mountain bike trails.

As in, Saturday there was a Gateway Park Trail Workday, with the trailblazers back in business, due, I assume, to once again getting insured.

I wonder if I aim my phone at that QR phone code on the photo I took of the announcement on the Information Sign, if it will work. I shall try that right now and let you know....

No, that did not work.

Despite the directional signage which, apparently, last Saturday was added to the Gateway Park mountain bike trails I still had myself two near head-on collisions today

Above my handlebars are pointing to one of the aforementioned direction sign posts. This location was no where near where I had two near misses today. The first near miss came soon after I entered the trail  at the trailhead. There really is no excuse for going the wrong direction at that location.

The second near miss came at a section of the trail that has several  points where you confront the possibility of going over a cliff into the Trinity River. This cliff related near miss was three guys coming at me. It really is not their fault they were going the wrong direction. Fresh piles of brush were blocking the trail at the point where they would have started going the wrong direction.

In addition to learning about the Trail Workday I missed last Saturday, on the Information Sign I learned about the upcoming Fort Worth Fat Tire Festival.

Sunday, June 8, 9AM til 3PM the 4th Annual Fort Worth Fat Tire Festival takes place in Gateway Park, with bikes, music, food and singletrack.

Might I add, the word "singletrack" usually means those aforementioned bikes go in one single direction on the singletrack....

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