Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Tandy Hills Hoodoo Has Risen From The Ashes Of The Prairie Fest

We can now all breathe a big sigh of relief. The main Hoodoo at Tandy Hills Hoodoo Central has been resurrected, after being bulldozed by the Tandy Hills Prairie Fest last Saturday.

I suspect last Saturday dozens, maybe hundreds,  likely not thousands of Prairie Fest goers were disappointed to find the Tandy Hills Hoodoo rendered into a pile of meaningless rocks.

Today's new Hoodoo is quite an engineering balancing act. Note how top heavy the Hoodoo is, with no supporting bracing.

My pool has been out of commission for two mornings, so I have not had any hydrotherapy. So, doing some fast hill hiking on the Tandy Hills today made me feel mighty fine.

My pool is now back in commission so I will be good to go with a bout of hydrotherapy tomorrow morning.

Or later today.

Soon after I crawled over the fallen tree that blocks the trail near Tandy Falls a large reptilian type critter scurried off the trail, into the brush. It scurried so fast I could not tell if it was a lizard or a snake. With the temperature being in the low 70s it did not seem right that a cold blooded critter would be scurrying. Maybe it was some other brand of critter with my snake aversion causing me to mis-identify that which I saw scurrying.

And then post seeing the new Hoodoo I came up the act of vandalism you see below.

For a couple months, near where the Tandy Hills Amphitheater benches sit, the sign warning people to leave the wildlife alone has been yanked out of the ground, laying besides the hole from whence it came.

Now someone has taken that fallen sign and tossed  it down the trail.

It seems to me that tossing that sign, with its heavy cement base, would take a bit of effort. I don't understand what would motivate going to that effort.

Vandals perplex me. And don't get me started on Hoodoo vandals....

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