Monday, May 5, 2014

Walking With The Indian Ghosts & Mumu Lady Who Haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area

After a weekend of high speed hill hiking and high speed bike riding I was looking for some outdoor activity of a more sedate nature for my daily commune with nature on this First Monday of May.

So, a bit before noon I aimed my mechanized transport device east, towards Arlington, to walk with the Indian Ghosts and Mumu Lady who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Earlier today, as in very early, soon after the sun did its daily rise, I had a mighty fine swim in a still refreshingly cool pool.

When I woke up my phone this morning I saw that my mom and dad had text messaged me last night and had also left a voice mail. The text message said something like "we can't reach your phone from our home phone." The voice mail said something like "we tried to call but we got a wrong number."

This was very perplexing to me. Who did mom and dad think they were leaving the text message and voice mail with, if not me? Why did they think they were not reaching my phone? So, I called mom and dad back prior to leaving for my Indian Ghost date. After talking to my mom for about a half an hour I still have no idea why they were thinking they were reaching a wrong number.

Now, regarding the Mumu Lady.

I have mentioned this lady previously. She has a bad habit of stopping strangers on their nature walk and asking if she can give the strangers her testimony.

I was on the Blue Bayou side of Village Creek, taking the picture you see at the top of a blue bird in the Blue Bayou, when I looked back to the other side of the creek to see the Mumu Lady praying with a couple of young adults and their cute white fluffy dog who I had howdied early as we met in passing on the Village Creek dam/bridge.

The Mumu Lady's proselytizing went on for a long time. I was quite a distance away when I took the picture of the zoomed view above. The preaching continued as I crossed the bridge. I took a shortcut that detoured around the religious service, lest I get drawn in.

In case you are wondering what the orange cone is for, well there were several of them, basically blocking the route that leads to the dam/bridge. I could tell some heavy equipment had been in operation, clearing out much of the litter jam that had been impeding the flow of Village Creek for weeks. Tracks in the grass field to the south  indicated to me the heavy equipment exited that way, forgetting to take their orange cones with them.

I know the Mumu Lady means well, but still.....

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