Saturday, May 31, 2014

On The Final Saturday Of May Being A Sweaty Pig On Fort Worth's Smoggy Tandy Hills

On the left you are looking west through a filter of smog at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth on this final Saturday of the 5th month of 2014.

The view you see viewed here was viewed from the west side of the north end of the main trail which leads to the Tandy Hills from View Street.

Whenever I go to any of the outdoor locations I frequent I never find myself having any allergy woes. No itching eyes, no sneezing, no sinus issues.

Allergy woes only seem to occur when I am indoors. In other words, I never take my nasal spray with me when I exit my abode. This never struck me as odd til it struck me as such today.

The new Hoodoo which I saw a couple days ago has not changed. It is still a very short Hoodoo. I like my Hoodoos tall and precarious.

I have no idea what has been causing me to be Mr. Energy today, but something certainly has had that effect. I got up before the sun today. Was in the pool soon after the sun arrived. Had myself a mighty fine time spending a mighty long time swimming.

Then come noon, on the Tandy Hills, I was a hill hiking maniac. And, unlike two days ago, when I wondered how it was I possibly managed hill hiking when the temperature goes into triple digit mode, today it all came back to me.

Even though the temperature was at a relatively chilly low 80s today, just like two days ago, today my amped up speed had me sweating like a pig in a sauna. And thus naturally being cooled.

Why does a pig always seem to be the go to animal when describing perspiration levels? I don't think pigs sweat. I know I have never seen a sweaty pig. And yet I have known more than one human whom I would readily describe as a sweaty pig.


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