Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On The Tandy Hills Today With The Galtex Portugal Weather Jinx Dripping On Me & The Tandy Orchids

Yesterday I learned that Mr. and Mrs. Galtex were flying out of Texas this morning, heading to Portugal for the 3rd time this year.

Every time the Galtex's go to Portugal the weather in North Texas does a bad thing.

The last two times this bad thing meant really bad ice storms. I am hoping we are far enough away from winter that an ice storm is not currently possible.


Unpredicted HUGE raindrops pelted me today whilst I was doing some high speed hiking on the Tandy Hills.

The rain was not scheduled to arrive til much later, as in, tomorrow.

Which seems to indicate to me that the Galtex Portugal Weather Jinx remains in play.

Despite the unexpected drippage I had myself a mighty fine time hiking today.

Currently the Tandy Hills are alive with color, including the pinkish, orchid-like bloom you see above, blooming all over the Tandy Hills.

There was one sad note on the Tandy Hills today, which you see photo documented below.

With that sad note being that for the umpteenth time the Tandy Hills Hoodoo at Hoodoo Central has collapsed into a pile of Hoodoo rubble.

Even though the Hoodoo is not towering in its usual lofty splendor, it still presents an impressive rocky monolithic presence.

I suspect by the time of my next visit to the Tandy Hills the Tandy Hills Hoodoo will once again be resurrected.

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