Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photo Evidence Of The Fancy Clancy Wedding On A Hood Canal Beach

Clancy & Fancy & Wedding Facilitator
This morning when I woke up my phone I saw that Spencer Jack and his dad had sent me photo documentation purporting to document yesterday's sacred ceremony which wedded Clancy & Fancy in Holy Matrimony.

For some reason I thought that Clancy & Fancy would be wearing the wedding dresses they wore for their wedding portrait at the actual wedding.

Well, I thought wrong. I'd been told that the wedding invitations indicated that the proper attire for the invited guests would be Clam Digger Chic. I thought this was a joke, but clearly I was, once again, wrong.

I do not know what Clancy & Fancy are laughing at in the picture. Maybe they were at the part of the ceremony where the vows had been uttered, with the Wedding Facilitator informing the newly betrothed that the bride could now be kissed, which may have caused confusion which led to the laughing.

In case you are wondering what is being advertised on the front of Fancy's hoodie, wonder no more. Fancy is advertising Dungeness Crab Lager.

Crab flavored beer? Dungeness Crab is just about my favorite seafood.

But, beer which tastes like crab? Yuck.

I do not know who took the above photo of the wedding ceremony. However, someone had to take the photo, which is clear evidence there were at least four people in attendance, those being the brides, Clancy & Fancy, the Wedding Facilitator and the photographer....

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