Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back With Arlington's Village Creek Indian Ghosts Finding No Crime Scene Tape Before Helping A Hugely Obese Woman

Seems like I just had myself a mighty fine time visiting the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, because, well, I had had myself a mighty fine time doing so, on Sunday.

On Sunday I biked with the Indian Ghosts, today I walked.

I was in the Indian Ghosts' neighborhood due to needing some supplies from ALDI which I'd forgotten I needed when I was at ALDI on Saturday.

Damn age related memory woes.

As you can see via the above photo documentation the crime scene tape has been removed from the Village Creek Dam Bridge. In addition to the crime scene tape being removed the massive pile of litter and logs has also been removed, thus allowing Village Creek to smoothly flow under the Dam Bridge.

On the weather menu for today, at my location on the planet, is possible incoming thunderstorms, with possible large balls of hail, along with possible heavy rain which could lead to possible flash floods.

So far none of what is possible has happened today.

If the sky does go into downpour mode today it is likely that by tomorrow the litter log jam will have re-appeared at the Village Creek Dam Bridge, followed by more crime scene tape.

Changing the subject, wait a minute, my phone just made its notification noise, so after reading what my phone had to tell me I am staying on the weather subject a bit longer before changing the subject. According to my phone AccuWeather is informing me that the National Weather Service is suggesting we be on a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, currently, in my vicinity.

Okay, now I am changing the subject and sticking with the change, this time.

So, at ALDI today I learned one must look over ones receipt. I did so and saw a bag of Red Delicious apples listed among the items I'd just paid for.

First off, I only eat Red Delicious apples if I am in Washington, where they are grown, and if I have just picked the apple from its home tree.

So, after bagging that which I bought, I walked back to the nice checkout lady who always seems to enjoy teasing me. She is hugely pregnant, due to pop on the 4th of July. She is one of those type pregnant ladies who glows. She looked at the receipt and said, "you didn't buy any apples." She then realized she'd  hit the key number for bags of Red Delicious apples instead of celery, which is what I actually bought.

A few key strokes later, and after a manager's override, the hugely pregnant checkout lady handed me back the two extra dollars I'd paid for the celery.

After that ALDI unpleasantness was taken care of I saw that an enormously obese woman was having trouble getting out of the ALDI motorized shopping cart which obese people ride to go grocery shopping. Eventually she got vertical, but then she was struggling to get what she bought out of the motorized shopping cart and into a non-mechanized shopping cart so she could roll her stuff to her vehicle.

I helped the enormously obese woman get her stuff from one cart to the other. It really was a logistics nightmare. It all started when I was fussing over apples, with the enormously obese woman trying to get someone to pay attention to her need for a shopping cart. Being told she needed a quarter to get a shopping cart was useless information. Eventually the store manager told the hugely pregnant checkout lady to give the enormously obese lady a shopping cart.

It was at that point I lent my assistance.

As I was inserting my own bags of stuff into the interior of my motorized transport device I saw the enormously obese woman slowly making her way to her car, holding on to the shopping cart for dear life.

She'd already profusely thanked  me for my assistance. I resisted the temptation to offer further assistance. I was on my way before she got into her vehicle and started it moving. I assumed that that would not be a pretty thing to witness, as there likely is a lot of physical struggling involved.

What perplexes me often about enormously obese people, and which perplexed me about this particular woman, is why in the world would you go get yourself tattoos when you are in this condition? And body piercing? Is the body self image so distorted out of reality that it is thought that tattoos and piercings just add to the overall attractiveness?

Like I said, very perplexing......

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