Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today I Once Again Learned My Washington Blisters Are A Serious Pain

My Washington Blisters
Earlier today I got an email telling me I needed to check on a perpetual perpetrator's latest perpetration on Facebook.

The emailer piqued my interest by telling me....

"You know, your sisters are a real pain in the ass (to put it mildly) but without them I wouldn't know you. I'll take that trade off any day. Have a great time at the Dixie Chicks."

So, like I always do, I did as instructed. I read the referenced Facebook post to find myself highly amused at the ironic hypocrisy I was reading.

As in, grace really is a word only the graceful should ever use in reference to themselves.

Clearly I am a fan of self-serving bloviation, but even I can detect when bloviation has bloviated too far.

And then the comments to the bloviation, from people who do not actually know the bloviator and her wanton history of epic bloviation, were even more amusing in their insipid smarminess.

As for the emailer telling me my sisters are a real pain in the ass.


I actually only have one sister and she is not even remotely what anyone would consider a pain in the ass. That sister lives in Arizona and is the mama of two of my favorite nephews.

However, I do have a pair of Washington blisters who I can see where someone might characterize them as being a pain in the ass, or PITA, because, well, many have characterized them as such, particularly the older blister, whose annoyingly bad behavior offputs many decent, kind, positive people to the extent that a support group has formed which meets twice a month at a Kent, Washington McDonald's.

Now, unlike others, I, myself, do not consider my blisters to be PITAs. Not at all.

Overbearing, humorless, boors, yes, but PITAs? No.

I have not seen either of my Washington blisters in years. The bigger blister behaved so badly in April of 2006, followed by more repugnant behavior in August of 2008 that I basically resolved to not subject myself to that ever again. So far that resolve has worked out well. As for the lesser blister, well, when I last saw that particular blister I said I might return in another 20 years.

That sounds about right.

However, I am currently planning a return to the Pacific Northwest this coming September. But, I will not be seeing any blisters.......


Anonymous said...

You must have terrible blisters. Boo.

Durango said...

Yes, Anonymous, they are terrible blisters. However a good antibiotic ointment and a bandage will heal the wounds quickly. I hope....

C, S and S said...

The Kent Support Group does not agree with you. We think the Big Blister is a real big PITA!

Durango said...

Well, C, S & S, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree, but I do understand why you feel my Big Blister is a PITA. I guess I am immune to the pain hurting me, thus rendering no pain in the ass from the Big Blister.