Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thursday's Rain Has Created New Islands In Fort Worth's Fosdick Lake

Due to Thursday's drenching downpours I assumed my regular Saturday pre-Town Talk endorphin inducing destinations would not be doable today due to excessive muddiness.

With the Tandy Hills and the Gateway Park mountain bike trails likely still damp my two pre-Town Talk options become either Quanah Parker Park or Oakland Lake Park.

I opted to pick Oakland Lake Park for a pleasant walk around Fosdick Lake, which, as you can see, has had some extra water added, turning the tree you see in the picture into an island.

We have odd criteria here in Fort Worth as to what constitutes an island.

After one lap around the lake I headed  to Town Talk, hoping it was not an overpopulated zoo like it was last Saturday.

Crossing the Beach Street bridge over the Trinity I could tell the river had reached an elevated level from Thursday's rain, due to the fact that the cement structure, which serves double duty as a paved trail river crossing and a river impediment, had driftwood piled atop the entire length of the dam bridge.

When Town Talk came into view I could tell I was not in for a repeat of last week's crowd, because I could see open spaces in the parking lot.

The only new and different thing I got at Town Talk today was a 3.5 pound bag of kale. What am I going to do with all that kale? I can't feed it to my rabbit because I don't have a rabbit.

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Connie said...

Kale Chips! Google-- lots of recipes. Here is one.