Friday, May 9, 2014

An Old Man On A Motorbike Riding With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts & Their Paintbrush

I am almost 100% certain that is a field of what are known as Indian Paintbrush wildflowers you are looking at here.

It is appropriate that a wildflower named Indian Paintbrush would dominate the landscape at this location, since they are doing their blooming in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, where Indian Ghosts haunt due to what historically took place in this particular Historical Area.

I did not drive to Arlington thinking I was going to be able to do some Ghost walking. I figured Village Creek went into flash flood mode from yesterday's deluge, resulting in the closing of the Natural Historical Area.

Instead of flash flooding, Village Creek did not even rise high enough to flow over the dam bridge which impedes its flow.

I was in the Village Creek zone due to needing to go to ALDI to stock up on supplies. ALDI is in Fort Worth, a short distance from Village Creek, in Arlington.

The oddest thing that happened today, whilst  I was doing my nature communing, was in the distance I heard a motorized thump thump, that was not a natural sound of the sort I am used to hearing at this location.

Soon a motorbike came into view in the distance. Even from a distance I was fairly certain it was not a motorcycle cop. With motorized vehicles of any sort banned from rolling on these paved trails I wondered what sort of notorious scofflaw I was facing.

By the time the motorbike was about 100 feet distant, putting along slower  than I pedal my bike, I could  see it was an old man being a Hell's Angel. By the time we met on the trail  I could tell this was a really old man. We did a mutual howdy upon meeting. He had a very happy smile on his face.

I thought to myself, if I ever get to be a really old man I am going to have myself a mighty fine time doing fun scofflaw stuff....


Stenotrophomonas said...

From the FWST: January 1875 a Baptist minister, described as having a “highly imaginative mind,” saw an outline on dusty West Weatherford Street and started a rumor that a panther....

Based on a figment, that's the Fort Worth Way

Anonymous said...

Sorry-That's "Blanket Flower", not Paintbrush. Paintbrush is a more vertical bloom.

Law and Order in Arlington said...

You are already a scofflaw, Durango, you make up names for plants all the time. Indian paintbrush? When the darn things have to be some kind of daisy?
You are a renegade, sir.