Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Escaping Past Security In A Futile Attempt To Find This Week's Fort Worth Weekly At Albertsons

On the left we are looking south at the menacing pointed metal spears which form the security fence which keeps me mostly secure.

As you can see some big white cloud action is blocking what would otherwise be a clear blue sky. Those big white clouds may be a harbinger of thunderstorms later today. That's the weather prediction.

Just like yesterday.

But I heard no thunder booms yesterday. I did experience a slight amount of cloud sourced moisture yesterday, both in the pool and late in the afternoon, whilst walking to the mailbox.

Today, with today being Wednesday, I took my regularly scheduled walk around the neighborhood, culminating in Wednesday's regularly futile acquisition attempt of this week's Fort Worth Weekly at Albertsons.

Late this afternoon if I can summon the energy for another walk I likely will discover this week's Fort Worth Weekly safely arrived at Albertsons.

I just got a call from Miss Puerto Rico asking if I could help her replace a couple light bulbs. I indicated I was not available for light bulb replacement. This light bulb replacement help request may have been some sort of Puerto Rican version of a Polish light bulb joke. I don't know.

The Puerto Rican sense of humor, as exhibited by some Puerto Ricans, is not accessible to my simple mind....

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