Monday, April 16, 2018

Questioning Fort Worth's TRWD Imaginary Flood Control Bond Levee Vote

A thing or two about a thing or two has me thinking a thing or two about this upcoming May vote when voters, well, those few allowed to do so, are being asked to approve a quarter billion bond to funnel funds to what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, originally officially known as the Trinity River Vision, later morphed to being the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

Also known as an ineptly implemented, ill-conceived embarrassment which could not take place in other, well, more developed locations in America.

By developed I mean locations in America populated by informed citizens who have had some contact with how the more modern, more advanced, more progressive locations in America operate in what is sometimes characterized as the Democratic Way, rather than what is known as the Fort Worth Way.

You know, locations in America where a public works project is approved by the voters, after a thorough vetting of the project's plans.

You know, a location in America where something like nepotism is a big NO NO. You know, nepotism. Giving a job to someone with exploitable connections with that connected someone having zero qualifications for the job nepotistically given.

And who then proceeds to botch the job nefariously nepotistically corruptly given. Hence one of the reasons nepotism is frowned upon in democratic locations in America and the world.

You know, sort of why many Americans are currently appalled at Ivanka Trump pretending to be the acting Secretary of State at some international meeting in South America.

The Trumps are a text book example of why nepotism is considered corrupt and unethical.

Back to the main subject. So, we have this Trinity River Vision bond vote for a quarter billion bucks. On the ballot the verbiage indicates these bucks are for flood control and drainage, specifically, right from the ballot...

Tarrant Regional Water District, A Water Control and Improvement District, Proposition A
The issuance of $250,000,000 bonds for flood control and drainage facilities and the levy of taxes to pay for the bonds.

Recently, in a blogging about Fort Worth Weekly Asking If You Can Spare A Billion For America's Biggest Boondoggle mention was made of the ongoing criminal investigation into Election Fraud alleged to have been perpetrated by the parent of America's Biggest Boondoggle, the Tarrant Regional Water District, the same parent behind putting this quarter billion buck bond before the voters.

How can an entity under investigation for criminal election fraud be allowed to put measures to a vote when the entity is under investigation?

Is there not a lawyer with imagination in the Fort Worth Way zone who could file some sort of injunction to stop this obviously fraudulent ballot measure, touting flood control where there has been no flood for well over half a century due to flood prevention levees long in place, long ago paid for?

And another thing.

The issue of who it is who gets to vote in a TWRD election.

If you live in Haltom City, a town with actual flood issues, and other towns and locations in the TRWD service area, you don't get to vote in a TRWD election.

When this who gets to vote issue has been raised previously one of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's well regarded, by some, apologists, repeats, as explanation, that only "Stakeholders" get to vote in a TRWD election.

With the "Stakeholder" area being that area which was covered by the initial originating of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

When I lived in Fort Worth I was a "Stakeholder" even though I was a recent immigrant who happened to move into the magical "Stakeholder" area.

How does it make any sense that all who are affected by the TRWD's shenanigans are not allowed to vote on TRWD issues? Isn't this just one more type of Election Fraud?

This is all perplexing, and like many of us have already said, Vote NO On TRWD Fraudulent Water Control Bond...

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Matthew Hunter said...

This is in addition to a story that came out in today's Star-Telegram and was buried among various fluff-pieces on their Facebook feed. It seems the company hired to widen the North side of the river for this project ran into some toxic oil refinery waste, which has contaminated groundwater that now flows right into the river. The city, meanwhile, blew it off, and has apparently tried to cover it up. Because, of course, they don't want people to know that they're tubing in a toxic toilet that cost over a billion dollars to build. What benzene? Oh, THAT benzene...oh, that's nothing. Here, look at the pretty fireworks and have a beer! See? Fun!