Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Miss Tess Takes Me Home To Skagit Valley Tulips

I saw that which you see here, this morning, on Facebook, via Miss Tessie Sakuma.

Miss Tessie's comment is "We lived right near there. Our whole area was beautiful."

The caption below the tulips...

"Only in Washington".


"An abundance of colorful tulips in Mount Vernon. I can almost smell the sweet air".

When Tessie says she lived right near there, that is sort of accurate. The precise Tessie location was a bit to the northwest from the location in this photo, with most of the Sakuma Farms Empire being located on the Skagit Flats on the other side of the Skagit River from this location.

Mount Vernon was the town I lived in prior to moving to Texas.

That mountain in the background is known as Mount Baker. Mount Baker is a volcano. I was able to see Mount Baker from my kitchen windows at my Mount Vernon location.

I can not see the Mount Wichita pseudo volcano from my current kitchen window. Or any other mountain.

A few days ago I saw an article on CNN about America's scenic wonders that Americans might not know about. I scrolled through the 25 examples of such, some of which I had been to. And then a click popped a familiar sight into view which I had seen multiple times over multiple decades. That being the Skagit Valley Tulips.

Currently I believe the month long Skagit Valley Tulip Festival will soon be underway, or maybe already is underway.

The Tulip Festival draws around a million tourists to the valley, creating a bit of a traffic nightmare at many locations in the valley. The traffic jams have improved over the years with better control of the vehicle flow, bus tours, toads turned into one-way traffic flows, helicopters overhead to monitor and spreading the attractions to various locations on the Skagit Flats, such as Tulip Town.

This morning I am driving to the D/FW Metroplex. On the way there I do not expect to see any tulip fields. I may see some wildflowers. For sure I won't be seeing any mountains or volcanoes...

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