Friday, April 6, 2018

Waving To Mount Wichita Summit

With thunderstorming on the menu for today, and with a good strong warm wind blowing I decided to risk dodging lightning bolts to take myself on a multi-mile rolling of my bike's wheels.

As you can see via the view of the Mount Wichita mini-volcano, Lake Wichita was doing some white cap wave rocking and rolling when it came into view.

The waves do not look to be quite surfing worthy, but getting close.

I can not remember the last time, if ever, I went surfing. I do recollect doing what is known as body surfing in the Pacific Ocean.

I am currently thinking about locating myself closer to that aforementioned Pacific Ocean.

I am also currently thinking about getting myself in better shape in anticipation of hiking to the summit of Camelback Mountain with my Sister Jackie and Brother Jake, of course with the caveat that their various hiking issues are in full abatement.

With that getting in better shape concept in mind when I reached Mount Wichita I decided to park my bike and take a quick run to the summit of the highest mountain within miles, though not nearly as high as Camelback Mountain.

In the view above we are at the summit of Mount Wichita, looking southeast at Lake Wichita, and my bike being that small dot at the bottom of the mountain.

So far today I have seen zero lightning bolts and have hear no thunder rumbling.

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