Thursday, April 19, 2018

Voting YES May 5 On Honest Texas Town Bond Propositions

And vote NO on fraudulent, misleading Texas town bond propositions.

This upcoming May 5 I know of at least two Texas towns which are putting bond measure propositions before their voters.

The two Texas towns I speak of are Wichita Falls and Fort Worth.

In Wichita Falls every voter in town, gets to vote on seven propositions, should they choose to do so.

In Fort Worth only a select few in a select area get to vote on one proposition, for a quarter billion bucks.

The Wichita Falls ballot specifically details seven propositions, A to G. The Fort Worth ballot erroneously claims the quarter billion bucks is for flood control and drainage. When the quarter billion bucks is actually a last ditch effort to rescue what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

Responsible adults seems to be in charge in Wichita Falls. Not so much in Fort Worth, a town where the local congresswoman's unqualified son was made director of the project he has turned into an embarrassing boondoggle. With river floats in the polluted Trinity River, ice rinks, failed wakeboard parks and a litany of other nonsense.

Yesterday's mail delivered a simple one page mailer asking me to VOTE YES to FINISH THE TRAIL. That mailer details Wichita Falls Propositions A & B....

Proposition A
One of our most unique assets is the Circle Trail, and it’s so close to being finished.  Proposition A will get us 99% of the way there (and Prop B will finish it).  With your approval we’ll finish the segments from Loop 11 to Lucy Park, from Seymour Highway near Smith’s Gardentown to Barnett Road along the railroad tracks, and from Lake Wichita Park to Larry’s Marine.  We’ll also build two new trail connectors, one from Holliday Creek up to Sikes Lake at MSU, and one from the Ohio Street Bridge out to the main gate at Sheppard Air Force Base.  This will give thousands more people at MSU and on base access to the trail and everything else connected to it.  Proposition A also includes new turf fields for the Sports Complex and a resurfaced parking lot at Lake Wichita by the trail.

Proposition B
Proposition B picks up where Prop A left off, finishing the last segment of the Circle Trail from Larry’s Marine to Barnett Road.  This will provide many more people with access to Lake Wichita, connecting to the trail from points all over the city. Once they get to the lake, Prop B will provide them with a new boardwalk at the site of the original one lost to us many years ago.  Finally, this proposition will develop a new veterans memorial plaza next to the Kemp Street boat ramp, complete with a brand new Vietnam Memorial.  The boardwalk and veterans plaza both have matching grants that will pay for the majority of their costs; we just need to find the rest.  If we don’t, those funds are lost forever and we’ll have missed out on a great chance to improve our community.

I have not seen it, but I have been told that those few voters allowed to vote on TRWD Trinity River Vision issues have been mailed an over the top publication full of misleading propaganda urging those voters to vote YES to the May 5 $250,000,000 bond issue to pay for imaginary flood control and drainage in an area which has not flooded in well over half a century.

Vote NO on the Fort Worth bond proposition, Vote YES on the Wichita Falls multiple propositons....

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