Monday, April 23, 2018

Wichita Falls Sikes Lake Primrose Duck & Litter Exhibit

Bike riding today eventually took me to Sikes Lake where I saw that which you see here.

I must say, that which you see here has been a rare sight to see in Wichita Falls.

I refer not to the ducks or the pink primroses.

I refer to the litter collection washed up against the concrete structure which crosses Sikes Lake, the purpose of which I do not know.

A litter collection of this sort was a frequent sight in my former Fort Worth location, particularly when the Trinity River was in flood mode.

Heavy rain flushes litter into the creek and storm drains which send water to Sikes Lake. I have seen one extreme littering example of this, with so much litter it made the local news. I recollect getting interviewed about the subject by a TV news lady. She stopped me whilst I was on my bike, asked what I thought about the litter, to which I told her that it was cleaned up almost as soon as it arrived.

I did not understand why she was asking me this, so I pointed out the fact that I was seeing no litter.

Apparently that TV news station had received calls complaining about the flood of litter. I recollect telling the TV news lady that I had been impressed with how litter-free Wichita Falls is compared to my previous Texas location, and that I had no clue as to the reason for the difference.

Maybe the litter difference between the two towns is caused by the same phenomenon which causes Fort Worth to have so many streets without sidewalks, parks without running or modern restrooms, but plenty of outhouses and which serves as host to America's Biggest Boondoggle, which has sort of become litter on a grand scale...

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