Saturday, April 7, 2018

Will April Freeze Kill The Flowers Of May?

Yesterday when I went waving to the summit of Mount Wichita I was rolling my wheels against a balmy wind heated to somewhere in the high 70s low 80s zone.

That semi-hot bike ride was to be the hot highpoint of the last 24 hours.

Friday as the afternoon progressed the outer air chilled cooler and cooler, til eventually it became as cold as a frigid winter day.

And overnight we froze, as you can see via the screencap. Freezing with the wind making the air feel as if it as 16 degrees.

So, I won't be doing any bike riding. Or swimming. Today.

I do not recollect this type chill happening any April previous during the years of my Texas exile.

Will this freeze wreak havoc of the blooming buds and the wildflowers starting to sprout? And my tomato plants? What will happen to my tomato plants?

UPDATE: As this Saturday morning has progressed, the temperature continues to fall...

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