Monday, April 9, 2018

Warm Wichita Falls Ride To Hamilton Park Playground Art

No, that is not some sort of hang glider flying type contraption you see my bike looking at here.

What you are seeing is the new playground installation in the Wichita Falls park named Hamilton.

This looks more like some sort of art installation than something for kids to play on.

I have yet to see any kids playing on this. I have seen kids crawling around on the padded ground cover upon which the playground installation sits.

I think maybe kids are not able to figure out how they are supposed to play on this. Maybe there should be a sign with instructions.

My last bike ride was on Friday, when the outer world was heated to nearly the 80 degree zone. Then later that day a cold front arrived, dropping the outer world temperature to below freezing for most of the next two days.

That return to winter left by this morning. Let us hope this past weekend was finally the death rattle of the coldest winter since I have been in Texas.

If I remember right it was in December of 1998 I arrived in Texas. I left Washington in a heavy rainstorm and six days later arrived at my new Texas location in an even heavier rainstorm. With flooding. My weather intro to Texas was harsh. That wet entry was followed two weeks later by the first Ice Storm I've ever slipped in.

I moved to my first Texas domicile without having previously seen it in person. I only saw multiple photos. I remember when I first saw the pool I was appalled by how small it looked, not realizing my perspective made it look smaller than it actually was, which turned out to be plenty big, with a deep end and a diving board.

Currently there is an operation underway to find me a new domicile, in a state out west called Arizona. I am heading to Arizona, again, in a couple weeks.

There is a fairly good chance Durango Texas will soon become Durango Arizona.

Time will tell....

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