Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Vote NO On TRWD Fraudulent Water Control Bond

In February whilst I was not in Texas I thought my gullibility was being tested when a well known Tarrant County-ite emailed me that America's Biggest Boondoggle was putting a bond proposition before those few voters in Tarrant County who are allowed to vote in a Tarrant Regional Water District election.

When I lived in Tarrant County I was included in the zone of those allowed to vote on TRWD issues.

I've never had it sensibly explained to me why all those effected by what the TRWD does are not allowed to vote on TRWD issues. Such as those Tarrant County voters who vote in Haltom City.

Haltom City is a town which has had some deadly flooding issues.

Unlike the area being disturbed by America's Biggest Boondoggle, that being an area which has not flooded for well over half a century, due to levees preventing the river from misbehaving.

That which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle has never directly been put to a vote where voters approve or disapprove.

How a town's landscape can be so drastically altered without the town's citizens voting to approve of the landscape alteration has long seemed bizarre to me, what with such shenanigans not being anything I ever witnessed whilst living out west in modern America, where no public agency would dare to do something so stupid as hire the totally unqualified son of a local politician so as to motivate that politician to secure federal funding.

Apparently that federal money has not been flowing into Fort Worth fast enough. And so on May 5 those few who are allowed to vote in a TRWD election are being asked to approve a $250,000,000 bond proposition.

The wording on the ballot seems like it would be considered fraudulent in a sane location in America...

Tarrant Regional Water District, A Water Control and Improvement District, Proposition A
The issuance of $250,000,000 bonds for flood control and drainage facilities and the levy of taxes to pay for the bonds.

Flood control? Drainage facilities? Like I already said there has been no flood to control in the area sporting America's Biggest Boondoggle since way back in the 1950s when levees were built to contain a high rising Trinity River.

Former TRWD board member, Mary Kelleher, who has seen the TRWD madness up close, has articulated her concerns about this "election" in Fort Worth Voters Beware of Proposition Propaganda.

I have read it claimed that this quarter billion dollar bond issue won't cost taxpayers anything. Who is getting taxed then to pay for these bonds?

I have read that this bond will be paid for via a TIF.

You know,  "Tax Increment Financing which enables municipalities to self-finance its redevelopment programs. TIF funds can pay for public improvements and other economic development incentives using the increased property tax revenue the improvements generate."

So, apparently the money to pay for these bonds would come from the property taxes accrued from all the valuable property built on America's Biggest Boondoggle's imaginary island.

What responsible developer is going to risk developing anything on that imaginary island, what with its latest project completion date being in 2028?

For what seems years now the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision's project manager, J.D. Granger, has been claiming a Dallas developer is soon going to be building a small apartment complex on the Boondoggle's imaginary island, with the developer also digging a ditch to tie into the imaginary canal system traversing the imaginary island.

Why would any developer develop anything on that imaginary island in its current state? With three simple little bridges being built in ultra slow motion over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to that imaginary island.

And what happens to America's Biggest Boondoggle if those few who are allowed to vote do not get conned into approving this bond proposition? Will the Boondogglers use the bond failure as their excuse for the project failing?

When is 60 Minutes coming to Fort Worth to do a Granger expose?

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