Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Biking Smooth Red Brick Wichita Falls Speedway

Today I went on a long rolling of my bike's wheels. Twice around Sikes Lake, through the MSU campus, north on various roads til eventually reaching Hamilton Park and the Circle Trail return to my starting location.

The furthest north part of today's trek was on a road called Speedway. I don't remember if this is Speedway Road, or Speedway Drive, or Speedway Avenue, or what.

I suppose I could look at a map and find out, but finding out whether Speedway is a road or a drive, or an avenue, or something else seems un-important right now.

Okay, I shall go find out the precise name of this Speedway.

All right. Speedway Avenue is the winning name.

So, that is Speedway Avenue you see my bike parked on above.

Note the red color of this avenue.

This section of Speedway Avenue is made of red brick. There are several roads in Wichita Falls with sections make up of red brick.

No big deal, you are thinking. And I agree.

Except early on in my time in Texas, before I learned that being perplexed by various things in Fort Worth was going to be a chronic condition, I was bum puzzled by this road called Camp Bowie Boulevard, in Fort Worth.

A long section of Camp Boulevard is made of red brick. At the time of my first exposure to this red brick road I was appalled by the bone jarring bumpy experience of driving on it. This has since been somewhat made smoother.

When I verbalized to Fort Worth locals my being appalled at this bizarre bumpy red brick road I was told that this road was unique, one of a kind, of special historic significance.

I remember this as being the first time I wondered do these people ever visit any other parts of America? Because a red brick road did not seem at all unique to me. Other than the fact the Fort Worth version was in the worst shape I'd ever seen such a road.

I thought, at the time, maybe the Fort Worth red brick road is the only one in Texas, hence the Fort Worth locals thinking it to be something special.

And then I attended the Ennis Polka Festival and Parade, where I  saw that the Texas town of Ennis had a well maintained, not jarringly bumpy, red brick road.

Since Ennis I have seen many a red brick road in Texas towns, including the one I was rolling my bike on today...

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