Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Windy Cold Caribbean Route To Sikes Lake With Five Goslings

Once again a cold wind from the north is blowing into North Texas, blowing out the hot air which had blown in recently from the south.

Yesterday was hot, I think in the low 90s.

Today, when I went for a bike ride, the outer world was barely 60.

And blowing hard, real hard, making, I am sure, for a chilly wind chill factor.

So, I rolled around my Caribbean neighborhood, past Haiti and Grenada, and then took the Montego route direct to Sikes Lake, where, for the first time at this location, I saw recently hatched birds floating with what I assume were there parental units.

The flock of five goslings seemed to have no trouble keeping up with the floating adults paddling against the wind.

I heard no gosling honking or whatever the communicative noise baby geese make. Then again, if they were honking I likely would not have been able to hear it over the howling wind...

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