Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Unscheduled Wichita Falls May 5 Texas Bond Election Interview

Yesterday, Monday, the first day of a new week, winter left, once again, from North Texas, with balmy warmth blowing in from the south.

And so, what with once again no need for excessive outer wear I took off in the noon time frame to have myself a mighty fine long bike ride which eventually took me to Mount Wichita, that being the towering, currently snow cap-free, mountain you see here.

When I rolled under the shadow of Mount Wichita I suddenly found myself participating in an unscheduled interview with Wichita Falls Channel 3 TV News, with the interviewer being a perky young lady who asked me if I would answer a few questions on camera.

I am a pathologically shy person, and so I declined the on air request, but agreed to answer questions.

I do not think the Channel 3 TV News young lady knew I am the un-official Wichita Falls Convention Center and Visitors Center Outdoor Adventure Guru. I thought it best to not share that fact. Such info made have made her more insistent I agree to be interviewed on camera.

What the Channel 3 TV News young lady wanted to ask me about was my thoughts on the upcoming May 5 Propositions voters are being asked to approve.

No, this was not about Fort Worth's fraudulent vote hoping to approve a quarter billion bucks via a ballot which misrepresents that which is being voted for, making it seem as if one is voting to prevent floods and fix drains, when the funds are actually directed to rescuing America's Biggest Boondoggle from its financial ineptitude.

Unlike Fort Worth, Wichita Falls is a Texas town which puts ballot measures before its voters in a straightforward, non-corrupt, honest, normal, American democratic way.

In other words Wichita Falls does not ask voters to approve some fool thing by asking voters to approve a dollar rental fee for a livestock stall. That type thing. Wichita Falls puts a measure before its voters in a clear, direct way, not the confused dishonest Fort Worth Way.

In that same upcoming May 5 election where Fort Worth voters, well the few allowed to do so, are being asked to approve a quarter billion bond misrepresented as being for flood control and drainage issues, Wichita Falls voters well be voting on a precise, succinct series of propositions honestly describing that which is being proposed.

Let's look at a short summation of the $131 million worth of seven propositions Wichita Falls will be voting for or against on May 5...

Proposition A is for park improvements. That would entail circle trail improvements, including the aqueduct trail, the spur from the Ohio Street bridge, and replenishing turf at the softball complex.

Proposition B is an issue for shoreline improvements at Lake Wichita this includes projects such as the Veteran's Memorial Plaza and a pavilion and boardwalk for the lake.

Proposition C will be for street repairs, which could help fund the Maplewood extension, widen parts of Taft Boulevard and drainage improvements.

Proposition D will help fund a new municipal government center in the downtown area, and police and fire department facilities.

Proposition E is created for renovations and upgrades at the MPEC, including ticket scanners at the coliseum, camera and surveillance upgrades in several portions of the MPEC.

Proposition F is for Memorial Auditorium upgrades. This includes lighting and sound system upgrades for Memorial Auditorium.

Proposition G — the last proposition — with go towards downtown improvements, such as sidewalk renovations, parking lots and other beautification improvements in the area.

Above you are seeing the short summations of the various Wichita Falls propositions. The actual details are much more specific, unlike that which happens in that aforementioned American backwards backwater known as Fort Worth...

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