Sunday, April 22, 2018

Finding Sunday Dry Blue Spot Above Mount Wichita

What with Saturday's torrents of precipitation precipitating in copious amounts I figured a day after the deluge wheel rolling on the Circle Trail along Holliday Creek would see the creek roaring running rapids in flood mode.

And that by the time the Lake Wichita Dam spillway came in to view I expected to see water spilling over the spillway.

Instead on this Sunday after yesterday's extreme drippage one would think not a drop of rain dropped the day before, with Holliday Creek barely moving any water and the Lake Wichita Dam spillway bone dry.

The sky condition predictors had predicted limited clouds and mostly clear sky for today at my location on the planet. However, the clouds seem reluctant to leave, as witnessed by the photo documentation of what the sky above Mount Wichita looks like today, with a tiny spot of blue managing to peak through the dark threatening looking clouds.

This is now the third Wichita Falls North Texas weekend in a row where winter has rudely made a return visit, thought this weekend's visit was delivered without freezing.

On Wednesday I make my monthly return trek to the Dallas/Fort Worth zone. Rain and wind is in the forecast for that day. On Saturday I return to D/FW via the flying method, to get on a plane to fly to Phoenix.

I am hoping Arizona is warmer than what I have been feeling in Texas. I suspect it will be. And that day after day, for several days, I will be having myself a morning swim with the Ladies of Sun Lakes Swimming Club...

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