Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wichita Falls Hamilton Park New Hammock Included Playable Park Art

A few days ago I made mention of the fact I had not seen any kids playing on the new piece of abstract looking playground equipment in Wichita Falls' Hamilton Park.

Well, today that phenomenon of not seeing kids playing on this abstract looking playground equipment came to an end as soon as this work of playable park art came into view.

Two barely post toddler sized kids were having themselves a mighty fine time climbing on the conveyor belt type straps strung between angled posts.

While what appeared likely to be the kid's maternal parental figure used one of the wider conveyor belts as a hammock.

This is one cleverly designed piece of playground equipment.

In that previous blogging about this serious subject I opined that maybe a sign with directions explaining how to play on this thing might be needed. Apparently, as I often am, I was wrong. Kids can figure out how to play on this, and mom's can figure out how to relax whilst the kids play.

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