Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bonds Being Played The Fort Worth vs. Wichita Falls Way

In about an hour I go on the long five mile trek north to the Hooterville, I mean, Wichita Falls airport to get on a plane to fly east so I can fly west to Arizona.

I refer to the local airport with that Hooterville name because I was amused last week to see an opinion piece in the local Wichita Falls newspaper referring to the local airport as such.

Hooterville, if it has an airport, its one plane would likely have be a single engine WW1 vintage plane, not the super modern super small jet I fly to DFW.

So, prior to flying I took a walk on the Circle Trail this morning along with dozens of fellow walkers, bladers and bikers.

In front of the Endurance House sporting equipment store, which one quickly comes to when one walks south from my abode on the Circle Trail, I saw that which you see above, a sign suggesting voters VOTE YES for a Better Wichita Falls.

I already did so, yesterday.

I will be in Arizona on May 5 when we find out if Wichita Falls voters did the smart thing and voted to approve what seems to me to be well planned plans for the Wichita Falls future.

Meanwhile in Fort Worth some voters will be allowed to vote in the May 5 vote, saying YES or NO to a fraudulently worded ballot measure trying to trick those few voters into voting YES for a quarter billion buck bond for imaginary flood control and drainage issues, when the money is actually an attempt to rescue the Trinity River Vision from its current status as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

This morning I saw that former Tarrant Regional Water District Board Director, Mary Kelleher, had eloquently opined on her blog about this latest election fraud being perpetrated by the perpetrators behind most of the shenanigans which have long kept Fort Worth an American backwards backwater full of corruption of various sorts.

Absurd nepotism. Justices of the Peace booted for rigging their own elections, eminent domain abuse. That type thing.

Mary Kelleher opines about some of this corruption in Fort Worth Bonds....We Are Being Played the Fort Worth Way!

I do not understand how the results, either YES or NO, of this Fort Worth vote would not be considered fraudulent, due to the fraudulent wording on the ballot.

But, like Mary says, it's the Fort Worth Way.

So bizarre...

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Steve A said...

Let's not mention the Will Rogers Memorial Center tax election. Where's THAT now? Oops. Let's not mention it...