Friday, May 4, 2018

Vote NO To The Criminally Fraudulent Fort Worth Boondoggle Way

Tomorrow an election in Fort Worth, Texas gives the few voters allowed to do so the first chance in almost two decades to actually vote on a bizarre, corruptly implemented public works project the public til tomorrow has never approved of via the time honored American way of the people saying yes via a ballot.

But, that is not the Fort Worth Way of operating in a town where a long entrenched good old boy and girl network runs the town like some sort of anachronistic throwback from long ago America.

On tomorrow's Fort Wort ballot the Tarrant Regional Water District is asking those allowed to vote to vote to approve a quarter billion buck bond. The ballot fraudulently describes the bond as being for flood control and drainage.

Flood control in an area of downtown Fort Worth where the Trinity River has not flooded for well over a half century due to being protected by levees long ago installed.

And now I find that the TRWD propaganda purveyors have mailed a scare tactic piece of perversity full of lies and ridiculous claims, apparently assuming, (sadly possibly accurately), that those Fort Worth voters allowed to vote are mindless, ignorant, ill-informed, illogical, clueless sheep with zero memory retention or ability to tell right from wrong or legitimate from criminal fraud.

The TRWD Trinity River Vision propaganda is claiming this quarter billion dollar addition to the already bloated 'project' is needed to protect downtown Fort Worth from a catastrophic flood, you know, because the population of the town has grown so much since those levees were built. You know, levees which the Trinity River has never gotten close to topping in a flood.

The propaganda claims if the voters do not approve this bond why there will be no option but to increase the height of those levees, in order to prevent the type flood which has never occurred.

To enhance flood protection the Trinity River Vision Central City Uptown Panther Island District wants to remove those levees which have long prevented flooding, and replace the levees with a flood diversion channel.

Because, you know, a big new cement lined ditch will afford much better flood protection than long installed levees built along the actual river.

If this "new" flood control method is so good and so important and so vitally needed why has this project dawdled along in slow motion for almost two decades with little to show for the effort?

Beginning in 2014 the Trinity River Vision, which is now known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, began construction of three simple little bridges, built over dry land, to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

Those three simple bridges came with an astonishing four year construction timeline. Longer than it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge and many other actual feats of complicated engineering.

And now, four years after starting that bridge construction with a big money wasting TNT exploding celebration no bridge exists. Some concrete forms have been poured.

And yet this bizarre propaganda mailer in support of this funding subterfuge brings up those pathetic, pitiful bridges and repeats the ridiculous propaganda that the bridges are being built over dry land in order to save money, as if doing so is by some sort of fiscally responsible design.

Which is a lie.

The bridges are being built over dry land because the funding to dig the ditch to go under the bridges does not exist. The design of the ditch has not been completed. The cost of digging the ditch has not been calculated. The added costs caused by having to dig the ditch under bridges absurdly built over dry land has not been calculated. The design of the water diversion dam which will divert a flooding Trinity into that ditch has not been done, or the estimated cost determined.

And yet these idiots, foisting this on Fort Worth, spew nonsense as if this is not an embarrassing disaster for Fort Worth with no end in sight.

Unless those few allowed to do so say NO tomorrow on that likely criminally fraudulent ballot.

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