Sunday, May 13, 2018

An Ahwatukee Sweet Tomatoes Mother's Day With Miss Daisy

A couple months ago at the time I booked the flights I did not realize that I was flying away from my mom the day before Mother's Day.

With me leaving on Saturday, on Friday Miss Daisy had me drive Sister Jackie and mom to see the Eddie Basha Collection in the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery, where all three of us greatly enjoyed the HUGE collection of Western American & American Indian Art. The most extensive, most valuable such collection in the world.

Maybe more on that later.

So, after seeing the Eddie Basha Collection we headed west to Ahwatukee, an urban village of Phoenix, located south of South Mountain. Our eventual Ahwatukee destination was Sweet Tomatoes, which is a restaurant I used to like in the D/FW zone, before it went defunct.

The Ahwatukee Sweet Tomatoes still prospers. Brother Jake was already there when we arrived. Soon my favorite brother-in-law, Sister Jackie's first husband, Jack, also arrived.

Did I already mention this Sweet Tomatoes outing was Miss Daisy's pre-Mother's Day outing, scheduled Friday, due to my leaving the next day, like I already mentioned, the day before Mother's Day.

Speaking of Mother's Day. I forgot to mention something else, that being the flowers you see photo documented above.

Around noon I returned from a walk to the Sun Lakes Community Club to find the vase of flowers you see above, sitting on mom's kitchen counter.

I located mom and asked if she knew there were flowers in the kitchen. Mom indicated she was aware of this, a man had delivered them.

I asked mom if she wanted me to put the flowers in her TV viewing room so she could view them.

Yes, was the reply. And then mom wondered who the flowers were from. Well, said I, there is a card, would you like me to read the card?

Please, said mom.

It's real long, do you want me to read the entire thing?

Please, said mom again. I can't read.

Yes, said I, think I remember hearing before that you can't read.

Since mom can't read I felt compelled to use some poetic license in the card reading...

Happy Mother's Day Mom, from your sons, daughters, son-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, grandchild-in-law and great-grandchild---

Much Love from Durango Dean, Jake, Jackie, Jack, Michele, Kristin, Clancy, Fancy, Jason, Joey, Monique, Christopher, Jeremy and Spencer Jack. And the grand-dogs, Tilly, Blue, Eddie and Raven.

That's nice, said mom, after I "read" the card. But, who is Monique, mom asked?

Monique is your new daughter-in-law, I reminded mom. Remember, Joey surprised us all by getting married recently in Helena, Montana? And that come October you will be seeing the arrival of your second great-grandkid?

Oh, Monique, how could I forget that?, said mom.

Anyway, I hope all you Mothers out there have yourselves a mighty fine Sweet Tomato of a Mother's Day....

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