Sunday, May 13, 2018

Finding The Right Price With Miss Daisy & The Right DFW American Airlines Wichita Falls Gate

Well, after two weeks of being in one of the un-South regions of America, on Saturday night, the day before the latest iteration of Mother's Day I found myself back in Texas, in DFW's airport's Terminal B, Gate 17, waiting to fly out of there in about an hour.

It had been a long day. It began with my final swim of this most recent Arizona visit. Followed by my final McDonald's visit of this visit.

After McDonald's I drove Miss Daisy to Sister Jackie's where I finally got to watch the infamous episode of The Price is Right where McDonald's Jon worked with Drew Carey to try and find the right price.

I had been told few details. I did know, due to a noisy hint from Jon, a few days ago, at the Maricopa McDonald's, that one of the items he won made noise. And that all were enjoying the noisemaker much more than was anticipated.

Mom is able to see, somewhat, when the images are big and bright and the viewing angle is maximized, which is what was the case this morning at Sister Jackie's Price is Right viewing theater, which is what you see photo documented above.

The first iteration of this blogging was written last night whilst waiting to get on board a teeny plane for the short hop to Wichita Falls. The above was edited this Mother's Day morning. The following I will leave as is, telling some of the fun of flying with American Airlines....

A person who seems to have some limited English speaking ability is telling us, loudly, that boarding will soon take place.

The boarding gate has been changed twice since my arrival. I am fairly confident this is the final gate. I had yet one more bizarre DFW American Airlines landing experience today. That makes three times in a row we land, get to the gate, sit, sit some more, sit even longer, with the pilot eventually telling us the gate crew is not yet making the walkway connection by which we exit the plane.

Almost a half hour later we were finally allowed off the HOT plane. I was sitting next to a nervous older guy, well, a couple years older than me, flying from Oregon, to a class reunion in Abilene. He was afraid he would not make his connection. This was his first time flying in decades. So he had had no experience with the uncomfortable flying experience we all enjoy nowadays.

We landed in Terminal A. The Abilene connection was in Terminal D. So, we had fun riding the SkyLink, or whatever it is called. I was pleased because I had time to kill. Over three hours of time in need of killing.

Like I said, the above was written last night. Now I am back in the present, the morning of Mother's Day. So, after I wrote the above and shut down my computer, we were told to move to yet one more different gate. This time to Gate B-14. And then a few minutes later, back to Gate 17. This was a shorter move than the one from Gate 44.

And then as we sat there waiting the waiting passengers who had had bad experiences before with the last flight of the night to Wichita Falls began speculating that the flight might be getting cancelled, since they had experienced that misery before, with American Airlines only offering a hotel voucher and the first flight out in the morning. Along with the suggestion one could rent a car to drive to Wichita Falls, but, without American Airlines paying for the rental.

It was nerve wracking. I just wanted to get home.

And then when the boarding time arrived there was no move to do so, for a couple minutes. And then the boarding began, with me first onboard.

The short flight between Wichita Falls and DFW is a bit bizarre. The plane only gets to an elevation of around 16,000. It barely reaches that elevation when it seems the descent begins. And yet the solo flight attendant passes out bags of pretzels, and then goes down the aisle holding a big bottle of water in one hand and a handful of plastic cups in the other hand. The water wanting passenger pulls off a cup and holds it whilst the flight attendant fills it.


Water service barely ends when the pilot informs the flight attendant it is time to prepare for landing.

Unlike the last time, last night the pilot did not get lost on the Sheppard Air Force base tarmac. He pretty much quickly found the terminal.

I guess I am glad to be back in Texas. I am running my A/C for the first time this year.

I have a backlog of blogging fodder from my two weeks in Arizona. I may get to that in the coming days. Maybe. We shall see....

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