Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My Favorite Brother-In-Law Jack's Long Life With Bacon Secret

One does not need to spend much time with my Sister Jackie's first husband, my favorite brother-in-law, Jack, to notice bacon is a large part of his health food regimen.

A couple times a month, give or take a time or two, Jack is in Maricopa at the Ak-Chin Casino Resort buffet where he starts off with a salad, followed by a plate loaded with bacon, followed by another plate of palate cleansing salad, followed by another plate loaded with bacon.

Jack is a health food trailblazer. Just like how chocolate went from being something supposedly bad to consume, except in small quantities, and then was discovered to have multiple health benefits, such too is the case with bacon.


As witnessed by the 109 year old woman I saw yesterday on Facebook who attributes her long life to lots of bacon.

Consuming a lot of bacon has not seemed to have had any sort of adverse effect on Jack's health. He is a trophy winning athlete, winning Pickle Ball Tournaments where he regularly defeats opponents ranging in age from the 60s to the 90s.

Bacon has kept Jack young. He passes for being in his 50s in these tournaments, and due to looking so young Jack is regularly asked to prove his actual age when Pickle Balling against those 60 to 90 year old opponents.

I have not yet decided if I want to hop on the bacon bandwagon. I've never been a fan of bacon, except in small doses. But, I remember when I felt the same way about carrots, broccoli and garlic, among multiple other healthy food items.

I guess I should buck up and make myself eat bacon....

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