Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sun Lakes Lady Swim Club & Sister Jackie Rescue Mom & Me From Dead Battery

Only a couple days left in my most recent Arizona visit. Not that I am counting down the days, or anything like that.

This morning's swim with the Sun Lakes Ladies Swim Club started off being mighty fine. Mom came along to supervise from her seated position on wheels.

After about an hour of mom's swimming supervision the temperature had reached a level of slight discomfort. So, it was time to wheel mom to the air-conditioned comfort of her mechanized transport device.

I got mom on board and did the turn the key to do the ignite the engine thing. But turning the key did nothing.

Dead battery.

A relatively new vehicle with a dead battery. Such calamities are common, apparently, in this HOT dry desert climate.

I left mom guarding the vehicle and went back to the Sun Lakes Ladies Swim Club, which was now mostly in the hot tub.

When the SLSC heard my tale of woe they leaped into action.

I forgot to mention that this one time only I did not bring my cell phone with me. Several of the SLSC ladies offered me the use of their phone, but I knew no number committed to memory which I could call.

Miss Jacqui offered to take mom and me home via her golf cart. Phyllis and Ann offered transit in their car. We took the car offer.

Back at my phone I called Sister Jackie, who soon met me back at the dead battery. AAA was called and about an hour later a new battery had me back rolling Miss Daisy around town again, with the first stop at Sister Jackie's so I could take a picture or two of her blooming Saguaro Cactus.

That blooming Saguaro Cactus is what you see above, looming high above Sister Jackie's house. That is the aforementioned formerly dead batteried vehicle you see looking white to the left of the cactus.

Apparently the Saguaro blooming so copiously in highly unusual, usually happening only during periods when a lot of rain has fallen on the desert. But, this desert has been unusually dry for quite some time.

Below is a closeup of the blooming buds. The blooming buds close at night, and then re-open as the sun does its daily lighting duty. Coming up on noon Sister Jackie's buds were not yet in full blooming mode.

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