Monday, May 21, 2018

Dead Calm Lake Wichita Bike Ride

What with the blowing as near dead calm as this windy location on the planet ever gets I decided a late morning rolling of my wheels to Lake Wichita seemed like it would be a mighty fine time, what with that zero wind blowing thing combined with a relatively cool temperature and air freshly cleaned by day after day of negative ions flashing from lightning bolts.

Due to rain falling of late the Lake Wichita reservoir is at full pool and thus spilling some water over the Lake Wichita Dam Spillway.

You can sort of see via the refection on the dam water how dead calm the air is being currently. A couple ducks were peacefully floating in front of the Lake Wichita Dam Spillway mural, likely pondering if anything on that wall was edible.

A couple miles from the above location, after crossing :Lake Wichita Dam via the Circle Trail, the trail leaves the dam to continue on towards Mount Wichita.

About a half mile after leaving the dam one comes to an overlook spur off of the Circle Trail which overlooks the Lake Wichita wetlands.

I remember years ago, after seeing some photos I took in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, Betty Jo Bouvier asked me if it really was as green in Texas as my photos made the landscape appear. Betty Jo lives in what is known as the Evergreen State, on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, in Western Washington.

The last couple times when I have returned to Washington I have found the west side of the Evergreen State not being all that green, with brown being the dominant color, due to not enough rain falling to maintain the dominant green color scheme.

Such is not a problem at my location in North Texas, where green is currently the dominant color.

Below the view is turned around 180 degrees on the above overlook, with the view now looking north at where the spur to the overlook meets the Circle Trail. That is another lake, well, pond, you see in the distance.

It appalls me the two bond proposals proposing to complete the Circle Trail and to revitalize Lake Wichita failed to gain sufficient support in the May 5 bond election.

So short sighted...

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