Friday, May 25, 2018

Rockin' Sikes Lake At Wichita Falls MSU Priddy Pavilion

Yesterday early evening I decided to enjoy the mighty fine semi-balmy weather to get myself some fresh air and aerobically induced endorphins via riding my bike on the Circle Trail, eventually ending up circling around Sikes Lake.

Near the north end of the lake I found myself needing to slow down due to a large number of small humans darting about erratically.

When I approached the bridge which crosses over the north end of Sikes Lake I saw that a large assembly of full size humans had assembled.

I quickly determined the assemblage was assembled to listen to music, which started playing soon after I stopped to observe the scene.

Upon arrival back at my abode I consulted the May edition of The HUB of North Texas to learn what I listened to last night was part of the Midwestern State University Live at the Lake Concert Series at Priddy Pavilion, with last night's concert featuring an entity known as the Jay Hollis Band.

The HUB info suggested one bring blankets or lawn chairs. I imagine the blankets were to sit on, not to use to keep warm, since such is not needed in late May at this part of the planet.

I took a photo or two and then switched the camera to video mode to record that which you see below. In the video my pithy commenting alludes to Fort Worth's Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube floats in the polluted Trinity River. And those pitiful little bridges Fort Worth can not seem to successfully build over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

I think Wichita Falls should dredge the north end of Sikes Lake to make it deeper, then line the bottom with cement. Then hold Rockin' the Lake Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats at their real pavilion with a real bridge over real water.

Wouldn't that be something?

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