Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Miss Daisy Pocket Talking With The Arizona Sun Lakes Ladies Swim Club

When I arrived in Arizona late last month, David, Theo and Ruby had arranged to arrive at their grandma's, a product called a Pocket Talker, scheduled to arrive simultaneous with my arrival.

I opened the Pocket Talker soon upon my arrival at Miss Daisy's.

Miss Daisy is also known as David, Theo and Ruby's grandma, and my mom.

The Pocket Talker was easy to figure out, and seconds after I installed it on Miss Daisy she lit up with a big smile, hearing better, and louder, than she had for a long time.

I then texted David, Theo and Ruby's mama Michele, with a pic of Miss Daisy in Pocket Talker mode, and I said Miss Daisy was gonna go to the pool with me for my morning assignation with the Sun Lakes Laidies Swim Club.

Mama Michele was skeptical of this happening and said she would need photo documentation.

Well, that photo documentation took place two mornings later, which is what you see above. That is Miss Daisy in the foreground. You only see three of the Sun Lakes Ladies Swim Club ladies, Miss Jacqui on the left, then Phyllis, with Ann on the right.

I did not bring the cable to Arizona by which I transfer photos from phone to computer. I did not get around to doing so til this morning. I sort of forgot there were photos on my phone.

During my stay in Arizona Miss Daisy joined me and the Sun Lakes Ladies Swim Club only one more time. And that time without the Pocket Talker, true to the prediction of Sister Jackie, that after a day or two of Pocket Talking Miss Daisy would forget it was not embarrassing to have headphones on, and would revert to thinking using her not as useful, but invisible, hearing aid was good enough.

Even though on that second pool visit Miss Daisy lost the ability to hear what was being said, and thus reverted to using the word "what" frequently.

Have I mentioned how relieved I was to leave Arizona for the fourth time in less than a year?

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