Friday, May 18, 2018

In The Pink With Post Thunderstorm Early Morning Sikes Lake Bike Ride

Gradually I am recovering from a couple weeks in the desert in Arizona, with the Texas HOT humidity bothering me less and less.

This morning's early morning bike ride around Sikes Lake was cool. In more ways than one.

Last night ending around midnight my location in North Texas was once again boomed by a drippy thunderstorm.

Rain and lightning bolts seems to have a salubrious effect on air quality, washing away dust and pollen.

As you can see via the view above my bike's handlebars the wildflowers have greatly expanded their colorful display since I last saw them last month.

One does not see delicate wildflowers in the Arizona desert. One does see a lot of color, though. Color from blooming hardy desert plants. Like Saguaro cactus and these big trees called, I think I can get close to the spelling, Jackaranda trees.

Yeah, I spelled that tree correctly. Jackaranda. Trees covered with purple flowers.

Bougainvillea is also currently in bloom mode in the Arizona desert. My mom calls these bushes "Bogeys", like Bogey and Bacall. Mom has a row of Bogeys in her backyards. I pruned mom's Bogeys when I visited in February. Bogeys have nasty prickly thorns, I soon found out.

Sister Jackie has a big tree in front of her house which blooms delicate little yellow flowers in copious amounts. So copious the yellow flowers pile up like snow, and blow into yellow flower drifts.

Sister Jackie has a flower plowing device which electronically blows her carpet of yellow flowers into big mountains of yellow prior to being bagged by a vacuuming device. These yellow flowers are a seasonal vexation, tolerated because the tree is so impressive, as is its vexing yellow coloration.

I wonder how long a Texas Evening Primrose would stay pink and proper in the Arizona desert heat? Probably less than an hour before wilting away to dust...

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