Sunday, May 20, 2018

Saturday Night Bike Ride With Mountain Climbers Fishing Followed By Thunderstorm

An hour or so before last night's Saturday night scheduled setting of the sun, and a couple hours before last night's scheduled thunderstorm, I opted to roll my bike wheels on the Circle Trail to Lake Wichita and the mountain which hovers over Wichita Falls like a mini dormant volcano with zero chance of ever erupting.

Mount Wichita might wash away in an extremely heavy rainstorm, but erupt? Never. No chance.

Last night when Lake Wichita came into view I saw more fisher people fishing than I had ever seen previously at this location. The fishing dock was crowded with poles. A couple boats were angling in the bay. Multiple people were fishing from shore.

I have yet to see anyone catch anything at this location other than a bug bite.

When Mount Wichita came into view I saw more mountain climbers climbing the mountain than I had ever seen previously. Including the guy in blue you see closest to my handlebars. He was descending the mountain barefoot, holding his shoes.

I can not imagine why anyone would opt to go barefoot on the rough surface of Mount Wichita.

Last night's thunderstorm arrived on time. When the light of day showed up this morning I did not like looking out my bedroom window to see multiple large branches had fallen on and behind my mechanized means of motion.

Just a second while I photo document what I am seeing from my bedroom window this morning...

When, or if, the moat which currently surrounds my abode, subsides, I will likely be doing some log removal.

Anyone need some firewood? I think it's Mesquite....

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