Friday, May 11, 2018

Mom Watchdogs Sun Lakes Dull Episode Of Arizona Cops

One of my mom's many activities is being a volunteer neighborhood watchdog, keeping a close eye on traffic, or if a neighbor is home, or not. And if someone has not taken in their recycle and garbage bins.

Yesterday mom's watchdogging went into overdrive when a Maricopa County Sheriff parked across the street, exited his vehicle, holding some paperwork, then walking to a house two houses north, one house outside mom's watchdog zone.

The sheriff remained in that house for well over an hour. While the sheriff was in that house four other vehicles, unmarked, showed up, with one man in each vehicle. Mom deputized me to determine if the men in the four other vehicles were in uniform.

They weren't.

At some point during this ongoing pseudo episode of COPS, mom directed me to photo document the sheriff's vehicle, which he had left noisily running during the entire incident.

That is one of the surveillance photos you see above, with me hiding behind one of mom's cactuses.

After a couple hours of watching mom being the neighborhood watchdog I tired of the drama, so I went to one of my favorite swimming pools for some cool off time. Mom was not happy that I was leaving her alone when all this potential criminal activity was underway.

An hour later I returned from pooling to find calm restored to mom's neighborhood watchdog zone. The sheriff was gone, but due to mom's limited visibility ability she had not seen the cop leave, and so mom was still glued to the window doing her watchdog duty.

Mom seemed relieved this nightmare was over, but still concerned, worrying what this was all about. I then took mom on a long drive in the desert to take her mind off her neighborhood possible crime spree troubles.

I do not remember ever looking so forward to returning to Texas as I am looking forward to tomorrow...

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