Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stop At Wichita Falls HOOTERS On Way To ALDI

On my way to ALDI this morning, stopped at the stop light at the intersection where Kemp and Call Field/Midwestern Boulevard meet, I looked up to see a new sign has arrived in Wichita Falls.


I believe this incoming HOOTERS is coming in to the location previously occupied by Logan's Roadhouse, which hit the road after closing a year or two ago.

I have not read anything about HOOTERS coming to Wichita Falls in the local newspaper. Nor have I seen advertisements soliciting for local talent to staff the cast of the Wichita Falls HOOTERS.

I hope I do not sound too rude, but since I have been in Wichita Falls I have not seen many, if any, of the type talent one sees being in the cast of the HOOTERS I have previously observed.

A HOOTERS recruiter will soon succumb to a sense of hopelessness if he or she tries to find HOOTERS type talent in either of the Wichita Falls Walmarts I frequent. The recruiter would find plenty of candidates with two of the expected HOOTERS assets, but the full package, this I have not eye witnessed in the nearly two years I have been in this town. Well, I may be forgetting one or two full package incidents.

And if HOOTERS has a no tattoos policy, well, from what I have seen in Wichita Falls, that recruiter will have a lot of trouble finding local talent without tattoos.

I have never seen so many tattoos on so many people, as I have in Wichita Falls, with the tattoos displayed on such large surface areas. And so proudly displayed, or more accurately, proudly exposed, due to an insufficient amount of clothing material modestly covering that which one would think those of such ample size would want covered.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how well HOOTERS does in Wichita Falls...

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