Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seeing Chandler Rawhide Before Maricopa's Penny McDonald's & Ak-Chin Jackpots

For yesterday's Arizona Adventure Miss Daisy directed temporary driver, Sister Jackie, to drive me and Brother Jake, also known as Spencer Jack's grandpa, on a tour of a new Chandler development with waterfalls and a riverwalk in the making along with a western town called Rawhide.

Leaving Rawhide Miss Daisy directed Sister Jackie to head south towards Maricopa. Sister Jackie drives at a speed known as the speed limit. So, we arrived at Maricopa much faster than when I am Miss Daisy's driver.

The view you see above is a look at the Chandler desert, currently undeveloped, prior to eventually turning into modern America. With water features. And excellent landscaping. Along with streets with sidewalks.

Upon arrival in Maricopa I soon found myself inside the Ak-Chin Casino Resort where I once again won a HUGE jackpot via a complicated slot machine which erupted with noisy sound effects and a lot of visual action which eventually counted down to a point where my dollar take was revealed.

After winning enough money to buy lunch Miss Daisy directed us to our favorite Maricopa McDonald's, where our favorite McDonald's manager, Miss Penny, was expecting us for lunch.

While Miss Penny quickly delivered lunch, Mr. John, also known as that Price is Right Guy, entertained us.

I had myself quite a McDonald's buffet, starting with my favorite, the Fish Sandwich, plus a Double Cheeseburger, some Buttermilk Chicken product, a lot of fries, stuff I am not remembering. And then when Miss Penny asked if we wanted dessert I ended up with a giant Mango Smoothie.

Hours later, with the sun now setting, I don't think I am requiring any additional food calories today.

Today is FNJ3's Happy Birthday.

FNJ3 is Favorite Nephew Jeremy, my number three nephew with a "J" name, hence FNJ3.. Jeremy's Happy Birthday may involve going to yet one more restaurant.

I do not yet know how much weight I have gained during this current Arizona visit. I suspect I may have once again crossed over that 200 pound Rubicon...

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