Thursday, May 31, 2018

Apparently This Summer In Texas Is Gonna Hurt Like A Mother Trucker

Yesterday on the next to last day of May we hit 100 for the first time this year at my location on the planet.

On this, the last day of May, we have gone to 101, as you can see via the screen shot I shot of my phone a couple minutes ago.

I was hotter earlier in May, in Arizona, where a record breaking temperature was reached. 106 was the number, if I remember correctly.

101 in Texas feels way HOTTER than 106 in Arizona, due to that vexing humidity thing which causes the Texas air to sort of feel like one is getting swatted with wet hot cotton.

I started up my abode's air-conditioning for the first time this year the night I got back here from Arizona, due to the relatively cool Texas temperature in the high 70s, at that midnight time frame, felt so HOT, due to that aforementioned humidity, I flipped on the A/C as soon as I got my hand's on my thermostat.

I fear, to paraphrase Adam Levine, taking out his bad taste profanity, that this summer is gonna hurt like a mother trucker. I do not remember many, if any, 100 degree plus days last year. And now, with summer still three weeks distant we are already hurting like a mother trucker...

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