Sunday, May 6, 2018

Not Protesting Price Is Right At Arizona McDonald's On Cinco De Mayo

You are possibly guessing that that which you are seeing here is some sort of protester protesting the bizarre results from yesterday's Texas voting activity, protesting by hanging some sort of protest sign from a Texas McDonald's.

Well, you would be wrong to think this is a protesting protester.

Or that this was taking place in Texas.

This protester was not protesting anything. He was trying to hang a banner from the roof of the McDonald's at the intersection of Dobson and Warner in Chandler, Arizona, with that banner celebrating the re-opening after the re-modeling of one of my favorite brother-in-law's dozens of Arizona McDonald's.

Mom directed me to this location mid-day on Cinco de Mayo.

Inside the re-opened McDonald's I was unable to find my faovorite brother-in-law. Or see my favorite brother, who I later learned was there at the same time mom and I were.

But I did see the McDonald-ite you see here. You probably recognize him if you are a fan of Price is Right. In March there were watch parties in Arizona to watch this particular McDonald-ite, John, and his current wife, Ricky, have fun with Drew Carey whilst guessing what various products, like cars, cost.

On Tuesday my favorite brother-in-law's favorite first wife, my favorite sister Jackie, is taking me and mom to one of the Maricopa McDonald's to see Penny, and possibly John.

Way back in February I saw the Price is Right John, with Penny, at that Maricopa McDonald's. At that point in time he could not reveal the results of his Price is Right appearance. He was able to reveal the details of the process which ended with his face time with Drew Carey.

I am looking forward to a fish burger on Tuesday. It does not take much to give me something to look forward to...

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