Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fort Worth Sheep Lemmings Fall For Trinity River Vision Propaganda

So, on Saturday, the voters who voted in Wichita Falls voted to not pass all but one of seven propositions. Well detailed, well planned propositions, a couple of which needed to pass in order to secure matching funds far in excess of the bond amount in the failed propositions.

Meanwhile in another town in Texas, Fort Worth, something like 3% of the eligible voters actually voted and actually passed several bond proposals.

With even Boondoggle Cheerleader, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, making note of the fact few Fort Worth voters, because fewer were allowed to vote in it, than the other proposals, voted to approve a $250,000,000 bond for imaginary flood control and drainage. When the quarter billion bucks are actually a fund infusion into the long floundering Trinity River Vision, which, after almost two decades of dawdling along, has morphed into being America's Biggest Boondoggle.

And, in reaction to what local wags have taken to calling the Pirate Island Bond, the lead Pirate, Fort Worth Congresswoman. Kay Granger, is touting this bond approval as indicating the voters having finally approved, via voting, of the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, more commonly known, as we already indicated, as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

So, this corrupt woman who has financially benefited in multiple ways from this eminent domain abusing boondoggle thinks less than 3% of voters approving of a ballot measure described as being for Flood Control and Drainage, with no mention of the Trinity River Vision, Panther Island or Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats, that this approval means the voters of Fort Worth have now approved of that which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Methinks not.

This quarter billion bucks is not going to rescue this ill-conceived, ineptly implemented project, originally touted, long ago, as a vitally needed flood control and economic development scheme.

So vitally needed, the project has been limping along almost since the beginning of this century, with the current project completion supposedly being in 2028.

Yeah, really vitally needed.

So vitally not needed that until last Saturday no voters had been allowed to vote on this project. And, in reality, still have not been allowed to vote on this project.

This bond measure of which a few Fort Worth voters approved was misrepresented by an incredibly idiotic propaganda campaign designed to scare the ignorant with visions of an impending flood of biblical proportions if this proposition was not approved, with that approval supposedly allowing the removal of levees which have kept downtown Fort Worth flood free for well over half a century. The idiotic propaganda claimed if this bond proposal was not approved those levees would have to be raised, you know, because Fort Worth's population has grown so much since the levees were installed.

Like I said, idiotic nonsense.

And yet a majority of the few who voted, voted yes.


Utter Idiots.

Utter, ignorant idiotic fools, apparently.

Utterly ignorant idiotic fools willing to be mindless sheep.

No one knows the price tag for the parts of this project yet to be designed. Like the ditch to go under the three simple little bridges being slowly built over dry land.

Or the flood diversion dam mechanism which will supposedly divert a flooding Trinity River into that ditch, speeding the flow of water towards Arlington and beyond.

Or how much it will cost to clean up all the underground pollution, some of which recently seeped to the surface, sickening workers. The pollution aspect of this boondoggle is only gonna get worse.

And the price tag is only gonna go up.

And in the end, the voters of Fort Worth will get exactly what their inept idiotic ignorance deserves.

Or, maybe there is still time for common sense to prevail, and some clear thinking adult to ride to the rescue and lead Fort Worth from its current path of continuing to be an embarrassing American backwards backwater.

With Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in a polluted river at an imaginary music venue with an imaginary pavilion on an imaginary island.

With world class outhouses....

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