Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fort Worth Weekly Asks If You Can Spare A Billion For America's Biggest Boondoggle

A couple days ago I mentioned the fact I thought it was time to Let Us See The Texas Attorney General TRWD Criminal File.

The mentioning of that fact ended up on Facebook, generating some interesting comments, including the following two..

Clyde Picht: Remind me sometime to tell you about the 2006 water board election where 6 precincts in minority neighborhoods suddenly got so interested in the election that they produced 50-70 mail ballots each. Enough to tilt the outcome of the election. Yet two years later when Barack Obama was on the ballot no one voted by mail in one of those precincts.

Aaron Harris: I'll say this....this is a good time for Durango to stock up on ink....the next month or two are going to be interesting.

I need to stock up on ink? What fresh hell is about to descend upon us?

Meanwhile, the closest thing Fort Worth has to a legitimate newspaper of record, Fort Worth Weekly, has gotten on board with the 20/20 sight see-ers seeing the Trinity River Vision for what it is, or isn't.

The first paragraph of some FW Weekly Static about what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle...

Fort Worth officials and Tarrant Regional Water District personnel have more nerve than a bum tooth, or else they don’t realize the gall it takes to seek a $250 million bond referendum to pay for “flood control.” The election is May 5, and approval means the bond money is expected to go to the Trinity River Vision plan, now referred to as Panther Island. This could raise the total cost of that project to more than $1 billion.

Read the entire Buddy, Can You Spare A Billion? article...

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Steve A said...

Fort Worth has decent papers other than the FW Weekly. Notable is the Fort Worth Business Press. Their article on the TRWD bond election is fair and balanced. It is at