Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mama Kay Smacks J.D. Granger Again For Saying Dumb Stuff

The last 24, (or is it 48 hours?), I have found myself getting way too much incoming info overwhelming my slow info processing ability.

The info has been about America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

The info has come from various sources.

Such as Deep Moat, also known as our Inside the Boondoggle Information Source. In addition to Deep Moat there have been a couple local NBC TV News stories about Fort Worth's ongoing embarrassment. A screen cap from part of  one of those NBC TV News stories you see above.

I think the NBC TV News Panther Island Project Leader Walks Back Statements on Future Funding story, from which this screen cap came aired, last night.

I first learned of this latest NBC TV News story via Facebook, this morning. My dear Facebook friend whom I call Mr. Spiffy made an amusing comment about this on Facebook, which sort of sums it up...

John Spivey: I think of Kay Granger and her son JD like Buford T Justice and Junior from “Smokey & the Bandit”. I picture her always smacking him with her cowboy hat and saying “There’s no way YOU came from my loins, boy!” Spoiler alert: JD said a buncha dumb stuff. Again.

The buncha dumb stuff J.D. said this time was said on a NBC TV News report which led to the followup report where J.D. tried to walk back the dumb stuff he said in Congresswoman's Son Vows to Finish 'Panther Island' Then, 'I'm Out of Here'

I am starting to be a bit burned out by all this. Somehow Kay Granger got herself re-elected. This makes me think Fort Worth deserves what it doesn't get. And gets.

Then again, how does anyone know how deep and how nefarious the election fraud is in Tarrant County? Aren't we still waiting for the results of that supposed largest Texas election fraud investigation in Texas history? Or, has that been covered up like so much gets covered up that is too troubling to look at in the eminent domain abuse capital of America?

We will likely have more to say on this subject, what with a bit of a backlog of material which begs to be talked about...

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