Sunday, December 2, 2018

Biking Wichita Falls Seeking Lillian Mae McGregor's Candy Canes

What with this first Sunday of the 2018 version of December scheduled to be the last semi-warm day for the foreseeable predicted future I decided to layer on sufficient outerwear so as to have myself a semi comfortable salubrious endorphin inducing bout of aerobic stimulation via riding my bike.

Eventually my handlebars took me to the Fantasy of Lights currently adding a large dose of Happy Holiday to the Midwestern State University campus.

After dark the Fantasy of Lights is quite a sight, what with a lot of colored lights and animated displays, and the MSU buildings also illuminated in Christmas color.

This is now my 3rd Christmas time of the year in the Wichita Falls Texas location, making this the 3rd iteration of the Fantasy of Lights that I have eye witnessed.

Maybe I forget what I saw the previous year, but it seems each year new displays have been added. Or augmented. Such as the display I thought was Santa's Outhouse, now is guarded by a pair of Tin Soldiers with a sign indicating such.

When I parked my bike so as to dismount and take a picture after taking the above photo I looked at what was at the left of my bike and realized I had not seen that before. A sort of historical market type sign.

And what does this sign tell us? Well...

Christmas 1916
Lillian Mae McGregor and Lester Thomas Burns were newlyweds living in Wichita Falls. They displayed a small Christmas tree on their front porch for neighbors to enjoy and thus was born the "Fantasy of Lights." In 1928 Lillian and L.T. built a home on the corner of Clarinda St. and Harrison Blvd. and each year added a new display. For the next forty-three years, sharing the Christmas spirit was their passion. Midwestern State University adopted the displays and continues this wonderful tradition. Lillian and L.T.'s spirits live on for all children and adults to enjoy. Look around, you might even see her handing out candy canes!

Merry Christmas to all!

Now isn't that special? Have I ever remembered to mention that I like Wichita Falls? Way more than some other locations I have experienced in Texas, even if the town is way too Republican...

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